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At BRE Law, LLC, our professionals use a diverse range of approaches and court resources to help you assert your rights in the divorce process. Our principal attorney, Barbara R. Evans, is knowledgeable about making Georgia divorce law work best for you in your unique situation.

Ms. Evans has represented Gwinnett County families for family law concerns that include:

Property Division

Dividing marital property, assets and debt can be the most significant point of conflict in the divorce process. Our legal team works to help you identify all assets acquired during the marriage. Lawyer Evans will negotiate for favorable terms so that you receive your fair share of shared property, retirement account, pension and other valuable items.

Child And Spousal Support

Even though you and your spouse are splitting up, your children still need financial support. Ms. Evans advocates for full and fair child support so that your children's needs are met. Barbara Evans also assists clients with alimony matters if one spouse delayed a career to take care of the family and home.

Custody And Parenting Plans

Creating a coordinated and cohesive parenting plan or custody agreement takes planning and strategic foresight. Ms. Evans has years of experience designing thoughtful parenting plans to lessen the impact divorce has on your children.

In addition, we regularly contest unfavorable child custody and visitation terms to support the best interests of children.

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BRE Law, LLC, uses a variety of methods to pursue your desired divorce agreement result. We leverage our skills in mediation, arbitration and litigation to get the job done. Reach our Duluth firm by calling us at 678-369-0535, or complete our online form.

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