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I met Miss Barbra Evan at a free seminar on filing papers for parenting and child support and custody related issues. Trying to learn as much as possible, at this point I had already spent thousands of dollars with other Attorneys on custody related issues. After the class, Miss Evans, came to speak with me, asking me more direct questions about my personal situation. I spoke with her for an additional 30 minutes, after hearing my past experiences, she told me to call her office tomorrow and she'll personally make sure I get the helped I've needed. For the next five months her and her assistant, which is very thorough going through all of my previous documentation and court orders. We went to court with Miss Evans getting me everything I requested in my new revised parenting plan. Miss Evans and her assistant were very professional and sensitive understanding my financial situation and worked so many hours with a very reasonable and respectable charge from all they did. I couldn't have done it without them. There's so many attorneys that strictly talk about retainers and monthly bills and charge you for every call and all of the above. Barbara gave me the best service I've had within the last 7 years. My only regret would be, that I didn't find her sooner. I wish there were more attorneys out there that cared about their clients like Barbra Evans, I could never thank her enough. This has been a very long journey for me and I'm glad it's over!!!! I thank Barbra Evans and her assistant, for all their hard work. I still call them today if I have questions about my case and they're always eager to give me the answer. I could go on and on, but I'll finish with this, Miss Evan's is the Real Deal with passion about what she does, as your attorney you are in Great Hands. -SJ

BRE Law really helped me with all my custody issues. I felt very comfortable with Ms. Evans. The whole process of going to court was very nerve wracking and she did a great job at bringing that to ease. My needs were put first and I was treated as a friend rather than a number. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured and the processes were always explained. Ms. Evans went above and beyond and did everything she could to ensure a great outcome. -D. Reid

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