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Families with less may struggle when going through divorce

When you think about divorce conflicts, you probably imagine them taking place when people with a lot of wealth have disputes. The reality is that you could find yourself in more dire straits as a result of having few assets to fall back on if you are in a middle-class family. Even if you are making $50,000 or $60,000 yearly, it can be hard for that amount of money to support a single person without a spouse also bringing in a second income.

On top of that, there is the potential that one spouse is not working or that one makes a significantly lower salary each year. In that situation, the lesser-earning spouse might seek spousal support, which could put a strain on the higher-earning spouse, even though they make enough to survive comfortably independently.

Speeding driver charged with DUI

Police in Georgia claim that a man was under the influence of alcohol and speeding just prior to his arrest. The out-of-state driver was charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence -- DUI -- after he reportedly admitted to drinking early in the evening. He was taken into police custody and is set to appear in court sometime in July.

An officer reportedly spotted the man when he was speeding on Ga. 400. The driver was apparently traveling at 110 mph, which is approximately 50 mph above the speed limit for that area. The officer initiated a traffic stop, at which time the driver purportedly said that he did not realize how fast he was traveling.

Criminal defense: 2 men charged after traffic stop

It's not necessary to be a resident of Georgia to be criminally charged here. Two men from another state were recently arrested following a traffic stop. It will be important for them to gain an understanding of the applicable laws in this state as each focuses on preparing a criminal defense.

Police claim that a 22-year-old man was driving at approximately 1:45 a.m. An officer apparently viewed the man fail to signal his turn and also run a red light, which is said to have prompted the traffic stop. The driver had a 19-year-old passenger in his vehicle at the time. During the course of the traffic stop, authorities determined that the driver had multiple outstanding warrants. He also allegedly had marijuana in his possession at the time.

Does earning more lead to divorce?

It is no secret that money can cause a lot of tension in a marriage. From paying unexpected bills to trying to make ends meet to struggling with stagnant incomes, financial concerns can come in all shapes and sizes. However, other than money stress, there is another unifying trend between finances and divorce. As the economy improves, the divorce rate goes up.

The current state of the economy is looking pretty good, and people in Georgia could be reaping the benefits. A stronger economy usually means higher wages, which can be especially helpful for those who are struggling financially. So if money is a big stressor in marriage, why do more people divorce once incomes go up? It is partly due to the financial security that those higher incomes provide.

Criminal defense: Georgia restaurant owner arrested twice

A Georgia restaurateur was recently arrested for the second time. Following an arrest in 2018, the owner of a popular taco restaurant was taken back into police custody on related allegations. Although it is not clear what criminal defense plans he may have been working on in the intervening period of time between his arrests, he is currently out of police custody on $8,500 bond.

In March 2018, a Georgia State Patrol officer initiated a traffic stop on I-16. During the stop, the officer apparently became suspicious that something more was going on and conducted a search of the 33-year-old man's vehicle. The officer allegedly discovered two firearms and several ounces of marijuana. He was arrested for possession of marijuana, driving under the influence and two counts of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. Police said that there was a also a juvenile in the man's car at the time.

3 things to put on your divorce to-do list

Negotiating a divorce settlement can seem like a never-ending uphill battle. It can quite literally take over your life for weeks or months. Furthermore, the more financially complex your divorce is, the longer your settlement might take.

When the day comes that you are finally finished with your divorce, you will probably be more than ready to wash your hands of your ex and the divorce process in general and dance your way into your new life. However, just because you signed your name to the divorce decree does not mean you are finished.

Police charge man driving lawn mower with DUI

Those who have had too much to drink should generally find alternative methods of getting to where they need to go. While many of these individuals rely on designated drivers, cabs or ridesharing services, some people might feel tempted to drive something that is not a typical street-legal vehicle. While this might seem like a good idea, driving something other than a car, truck or motorcycle can still lead to DUI charges.

Police in Georgia recently arrested a man who was allegedly driving his lawn mower while under the influence of alcohol. An officer first spotted the man at approximately noon after receiving reports of a possible drunk driver. The officer pulled the man and his lawn mower over and reported that he immediately picked up the scent of alcohol.

Rapper Lil' Boosie facing criminal charges in Georgia

A recent traffic stop led Georgia police to arrest an out-of-state rapper and one other man on multiple charges. Torrence Hatch Jr. performs under the name Lil' Boosie and is facing a number of criminal charges, including counts for failing to maintain his lane, marijuana possession and possession of a firearm during a crime. His passenger was also arrested.

In early April 2019, an officer said he observed a driver struggling to maintain his lane. The vehicle was apparently repeatedly moving in and out of the lane of traffic and almost sideswiped another car. The officer then initiated a traffic stop for the driver.

Criminal defense: UGA football players arrested

Facing criminal charges as a young adult can be particularly difficult. Not only can a criminal record affect a person's employment opportunities, but many people are surprised to find that their personal lives are also impacted simply by the charges, even without a conviction. For two football players at the University of Georgia, their ability to continue playing at the university could be affected. Mounting a strong and meaningful criminal defense can be essential to minimizing the potential future consequences of a criminal charge.

UGA police arrested Robert Beal and Brenton Cox -- both linebackers for the Bulldog's football team -- in early April 2019. Beal and Cox allegedly had less than a single ounce of marijuana between the two of them. They were taken into police custody, but they both posted $1,000 in bond and were released later that same day.

Ready to divorce? Here's how to handle your family business

A business is often so much more than a financial endeavor. Married couples who co-own businesses in Georgia are not only setting up a steady source of income for their families, but they are also choosing a path in which they can spend more time together. These emotional ties can complicate dividing that business during divorce, but couples who approach property division with realistic expectations can usually handle the matter fairly well.

Most business owners have a general idea of how much their business is worth. During divorce, an estimated value is not good enough. Before divorcing couples make any decisions about what to do with their business, they should consider having an impartial and third-party individual perform an accurate valuation. Understanding the true market value of a business will inform any decisions moving forward.

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