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Buying drugs online can get you busted

If you are a Georgia resident who suffers from chronic pain or another condition that is treated with opioid drugs, you may have noticed that fewer doctors are prescribing these types of medications to their patients. Even when the physicians see there is a real need and write the prescriptions, the patients' health insurance companies and even their pharmacies have been known to throw up additional roadblocks to filling prescriptions for pain pills.

These new restrictions and precautions are a result of the national pushback against the opioid drug crisis which has decimated large swaths of our country. But they also make it very challenging for patients who have legitimate need for pain medication to get relief.

What to expect from police responding to domestic violence calls

Heated exchanges can take a quick and criminal turn in the blink of an eye when police respond to a call of domestic violence.

Under these circumstances, people can be unsure of what's happening or what rights they have. To help people get a better handle of what to do in such scenarios, we explain a few things Georgia residents can expect when police respond to a domestic violence call below.

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