If you are a Georgia resident who suffers from chronic pain or another condition that is treated with opioid drugs, you may have noticed that fewer doctors are prescribing these types of medications to their patients. Even when the physicians see there is a real need and write the prescriptions, the patients’ health insurance companies and even their pharmacies have been known to throw up additional roadblocks to filling prescriptions for pain pills.

These new restrictions and precautions are a result of the national pushback against the opioid drug crisis which has decimated large swaths of our country. But they also make it very challenging for patients who have legitimate need for pain medication to get relief.

Thwarted patients seek pills online

With all of these hurdles, some patients are seeking alternative ways to fill their prescriptions — namely, ordering drugs from online pharmacies that are not based in the United States.

What few of these patients realize is that their purchases could land them in a world of trouble.

Patients can face charges

While it might be understandable why a patient might purchase their medications online, that doesn’t make it legal. The federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) warns Americans that not only is purchasing narcotics online illegal, it could also have potentially harmful or even lethal consequences.

No agency oversight of overseas drugs

If you fill your prescriptions at a pharmacy here in the United States, you have a reasonable expectation that the medication has undergone rigorous testing and inspection by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But there is no such FDA oversight of drugs manufactured and sold in other countries.

Medications purchased online could be adulterated, expired, be the wrong strength or dose. They may not list any drug contraindications or have the wrong dosage instructions. In short, they could cause far more harm than good.

Your online purchase can lead to jail time

The DEA targets these online pharmacies and their customers. Those they nab face prosecution on federal felony charges. They could even spend time behind bars for their purchases. Even if you don’t wind up doing time, as might occur with a first-time conviction, your life could be irrevocably altered as a result of your conviction.

Even an arrest on drug charges can be enough to derail your otherwise orderly life. Learn how you can fight back against such charges and protect your rights and freedom.