Facing criminal charges as a young adult can be particularly difficult. Not only can a criminal record affect a person’s employment opportunities, but many people are surprised to find that their personal lives are also impacted simply by the charges, even without a conviction. For two football players at the University of Georgia, their ability to continue playing at the university could be affected. Mounting a strong and meaningful criminal defense can be essential to minimizing the potential future consequences of a criminal charge.

UGA police arrested Robert Beal and Brenton Cox — both linebackers for the Bulldog’s football team — in early April 2019. Beal and Cox allegedly had less than a single ounce of marijuana between the two of them. They were taken into police custody, but they both posted $1,000 in bond and were released later that same day.

The Bulldogs football team coach Kirby Smart released a statement that athletes at the university are held to a high standard of behavior. While Kirby did not divulge any specific information, he did state that both Beal and Cox will receive disciplinary action. This is not the first time that a player on the team has been disciplined for an arrest without a criminal conviction.

Most people do not realize that they will have to deal with employment, education and personal consequences of an arrest even before they are charged. This makes securing the best possible outcome from an arrest even more important. For some people in Georgia, the best possible criminal defense option is to fight the charges to their fullest extent through the entirety of trial court proceedings. Others find better results from negotiating a plea for lesser charges.