A recent traffic stop led Georgia police to arrest an out-of-state rapper and one other man on multiple charges. Torrence Hatch Jr. performs under the name Lil’ Boosie and is facing a number of criminal charges, including counts for failing to maintain his lane, marijuana possession and possession of a firearm during a crime. His passenger was also arrested.

In early April 2019, an officer said he observed a driver struggling to maintain his lane. The vehicle was apparently repeatedly moving in and out of the lane of traffic and almost sideswiped another car. The officer then initiated a traffic stop for the driver.

During the traffic stop the officer supposedly detected the smell of marijuana from the inside of the vehicle. He performed a search of the vehicle and says he found approximately 11 grams of what appeared to marijuana, a handgun, a vape pen containing THC oil and a bag containing a significant amount of cash. Lil’ Boosie had been driving the car and told the officer that he had been speaking on the phone behind the wheel, and that his passenger was also his bodyguard. Both men were arrested.

Lil’ Boosie and his bodyguard were both still in police custody at the time of the media report as a judge had not yet set their bond. However, being in custody does not prevent Georgia defendants from preparing a strong defense to their criminal charges. This is true even if the investigation is still ongoing, as any new information, evidence or charges can be incorporated into the existing defense plan.