A Georgia restaurateur was recently arrested for the second time. Following an arrest in 2018, the owner of a popular taco restaurant was taken back into police custody on related allegations. Although it is not clear what criminal defense plans he may have been working on in the intervening period of time between his arrests, he is currently out of police custody on $8,500 bond.

In March 2018, a Georgia State Patrol officer initiated a traffic stop on I-16. During the stop, the officer apparently became suspicious that something more was going on and conducted a search of the 33-year-old man’s vehicle. The officer allegedly discovered two firearms and several ounces of marijuana. He was arrested for possession of marijuana, driving under the influence and two counts of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. Police said that there was a also a juvenile in the man’s car at the time.

He was re-arrested in May 2019 on additional charges. Just weeks before, police filed additional charges for two counts of furnishing a minor with a firearm. He was also charged for allegedly using a minor in an illicit transaction. It is not known to what capacity the minor who was in the vehicle at the time of his 2018 arrest might have been involved in any alleged drug activity.

Facing criminal charges of any kind can have a severe impact on a person’s life and, in this case, may even affect the ability of the entrepreneur to continue running his business. If convicted on serious charges related to drugs or firearms, Georgia defendants could have to spend significant periods of time behind bars while also shelling out for hefty fines. With so much on the line, defendants often choose to seek guidance from an experienced attorney while working on their criminal defense plans.