It is no secret that money can cause a lot of tension in a marriage. From paying unexpected bills to trying to make ends meet to struggling with stagnant incomes, financial concerns can come in all shapes and sizes. However, other than money stress, there is another unifying trend between finances and divorce. As the economy improves, the divorce rate goes up.

The current state of the economy is looking pretty good, and people in Georgia could be reaping the benefits. A stronger economy usually means higher wages, which can be especially helpful for those who are struggling financially. So if money is a big stressor in marriage, why do more people divorce once incomes go up? It is partly due to the financial security that those higher incomes provide.

During periods of low economic growth, a person who is ready to divorce their spouse because of money troubles might have to think twice about their decision. Securing a financially stable future after divorce is a top priority for most people, so divorcing when incomes are stagnant might not seem like a good idea. As the economy improves and workers see their paychecks getting a little bigger, the timing for divorce usually seems better, and the divorce rate goes up.

A thriving economy is not an indicator that any given couple in Georgia will divorce. However, higher and more stable incomes can give some people the confidence they need to end an unhappy marriage. Still, no one should put off filing for divorce because they are worried about their post-divorce finances. While it might feel impossible at first, speaking with an experienced family law attorney can be incredibly helpful for figuring out these issues.