You made a few mistakes in your life and have found yourself on probation in Georgia. While you promised yourself to do the best to turn your life around, the legal system may still thwart those efforts.

The New York Times describes how the probation system can be all but impossible to endure. Educate yourself on common probation missteps so you can better avoid them and emerge on the other side victorious.

Harsh judges and sentencing

Judges sometimes give out unfair sentences. For instance, some judges may not wait for a proper defendant assessment before sentencing, which can be unnecessarily harsh. Additionally, such sentencing may come with high fees, adding another obstacle to successfully completing probation. Besides the sentencing fees, one has to consider court fees and bail bond costs.

Unusual conditions

Sometimes, probation can include odd stipulations, such as an inability to move without a judge’s say-so. An innocent violation of such a stipulation, such as having no choice but to move due to the eviction of the person you currently live with, can result in several court hearings, jail time without bail and a loss of employment.

Cascading financial woes

During your parole, diligence in regards to proper organization is essential. Failing to keep up with paperwork can result in a warrant for your arrest and a bond for which you cannot turn to a bondsman for help with payment. It is not unusual to hear of those on parole losing their jobs and falling behind on their bills. Even with a job, a license suspension can make it more difficult to drive back and forth to work.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.