If you face a high-asset Georgia divorce, the suspicion may be growing in your mind that your spouse is attempting to hide marital assets from you. Unfortunately, greedy and/or vindictive spouses, especially high-asset ones, often attempt to perpetuate this kind of financial fraud so as to enhance their post-divorce financial situations.

If you suspect that your spouse is engaging in this illegal course of action, it will shock you to learn that (s)he may well get away with it. Why? Because with so many secret online financial accounts available today, finding hidden assets becomes ever more difficult. You may need to add a forensic accountant to your legal team in order to have any hope of finding them.

Financial fraud red flags

Fortunately for you and unfortunately for your spouse, the Huffington Post reports that virtually all asset-hiding spouses telegraph what they are doing by one or more of the following behaviors:

  • (S)he likely no longer confides in you.
  • (S)he may receive snail mail from people or businesses that you have never before heard of.
  • Conversely, (s)he may stop getting his or her snail mail at home, having rerouted it to his or her office or somewhere else to which you have no access.
  • (S)he may get strange phone calls at odd hours of the day or night during which his or her side of the conversation gives you no clue as to who (s)he is talking to.
  • You may discover that (s)he has a paramour.


If you truly believe your spouse may be committing financial fraud, you should also realize that few spouses can accomplish this without help. Consequently, you may wish to hire a private investigator to look into the activities of the following people:

  • Your spouse’s immediate family members
  • His or her close friends
  • His or her close business associates or employees
  • His or her suspected paramour

Whatever you do, do not share your financial fraud suspicions with anyone on Facebook or any other social media. Your data is not secure and could tip your spouse off about your suspicions, making him or her even more covert in the way (s)he goes about hiding marital assets.

This is general educational information and not intended to provide legal advice.