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Does earning more lead to divorce?

It is no secret that money can cause a lot of tension in a marriage. From paying unexpected bills to trying to make ends meet to struggling with stagnant incomes, financial concerns can come in all shapes and sizes. However, other than money stress, there is another unifying trend between finances and divorce. As the economy improves, the divorce rate goes up.

Ready to divorce? Here's how to handle your family business

A business is often so much more than a financial endeavor. Married couples who co-own businesses in Georgia are not only setting up a steady source of income for their families, but they are also choosing a path in which they can spend more time together. These emotional ties can complicate dividing that business during divorce, but couples who approach property division with realistic expectations can usually handle the matter fairly well.

Are hidden assets common in divorce?

A breakdown in trust is just one of many different reasons that couples in Georgia might decide to end their marriage. However, when that sense of marital trust dissolves, it can complicate things during divorce. Sometimes a soon-to-be-ex spouse might even try to hide valuable assets from the property division process.

Could mediation be right for my divorce?

What does it look like to end a marriage? Most Georgia couples already have a preconceived notion of what divorce should look like and how it should proceed, but few realize that they have other options. Rather than slog through the litigation process, some couples could see better results from using an alternative dispute resolution like mediation.

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