Common Criminal Defense Questions

Below, we have compiled answers to some of the most common questions people in your position have. We still encourage you to speak with a lawyer for all other questions you may have but we hope these answers give you a better understanding of your situation.

Why Should I Hire A Defense Attorney?

Well, would you ask a pilot to give you root canal? (Probably not).

You should hire an attorney when you are facing criminal charges so that you will be fully aware of your defense options. Building a defense case consists of more than just gathering evidence, conducting interviews with witnesses and making persuasive arguments before a prosecutor or judge. It means knowing when to ask questions, what questions to ask, how to introduce evidence and how to legally obtain information you need for your case.

When you hire an attorney, you have an advocate to do the work that is needed to build a solid defense for your case. Our legal team at BRE Law, LLC, consists of experienced advocates for people targeted with criminal charges and bench warrant recalls. With our skillful representation, you may be able to avoid an immediate arrest or harsh penalties after an arrest in Georgia.

What If I Am A First-Time Offender?

An alternative for first-time offenders is a pretrial diversion program. To negotiate a pretrial diversion you will need a dedicated, knowledgeable lawyer at your defense. Attorney Evans has experience successfully negotiating pretrial diversion programs for people charged with crimes.

A pretrial diversion program may be granted before a trial is set to begin and you will have to fulfill certain conditions in order to avoid trial. Attorney Evans will advocate for you and you will be able to remain in contact with her while you fulfill the conditions for your pretrial diversion program.

Traditionally, if the conditions are met, your charges will be dismissed and your record will be eligible for record restrictions.

What Are The Typical Terms Of Diversion Or Probation?

Probation is typically a period of 12 months depending on the charge and the circumstances regarding your case. Your diversionary program or probation may include one of the following courses of action:

  • For domestic violence assault, you may have to take anger management courses or a family violence intervention program.
  • For theft, you may have to take a values clarification course or a shoplifting course.
  • For DUI cases, you may have to take a safety course, complete a drug and alcohol evaluation, and attend an alcohol rehab program, if required.

When you complete the diversion program, one of the provisions is that the court agrees that your record is eligible for record restriction. Record restriction is similar to expungements. It will be as though you do not have a record.

Skilled Negotiation For Your Defense

As an experienced defense attorney, Barbara Evans will explore all alternatives for your case and work with you to determine your best option. Contact BRE Law, LLC, at 678-369-0535 or by using this online contact form.

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