Child Support Modification

Child support is support that the child is entitled to by their parents in the same way they would have been had the parents were married or never divorced.  It is a court-ordered amount that a non-custodial parent must pay to cover a certain amount of a child’s expenses, such as housing, food, clothing, education and so forth. Many factors determine the amount of child support. Therefore, a family law lawyer in your state will be best placed to assist you in seeking a modification of child support.

Child Custody

In cases where the parents were not married, child custody may be presumed for the mother - if the child is not legitimated.  A father, until he legitimates his child has no rights to custody.  After the child is legitimated, the father can seek child custody.  An attorney will help you prepare a parenting plan so that you spend quality time with your child.



Communication is very important.  Whether you have children, property, debt, retirement - all aspects of your divorce are important.  Any divorce attorney you consider must be accessible and communicate with you.  We will help you prepare and give Power to Your Voice in Court!


Father's Rights & Visitation:  If your child was born and you were not married to the child's mother,  the Mother has full legal rights to the child and the father has NO legal rights.  Legitimation is the only way to establish legal rights to your child. Get legal rights to your child so that no one controls your relationship with your child.  CALL TODAY (678) 369-3928  


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