Do You Fear Someone Will Cause You Harm?

If you are the victim of harassment, stalking or abuse and you feel unsafe, it is in your best interest to file for a protective order. To ensure the paperwork is completed and filed properly, consult with a lawyer.

BRE Law, LLC, can assist you with this process, helping you find peace of mind and regain control of your life. Attorney Evans will provide you guidance and legal counsel every step of the way.

What Is A Protective Order?

An order of protection keeps you safe by limiting the ability of a stalker or abuser to contact you.

The state of Georgia also refers to a protective order as a family violence protective order. This type of protective order includes the protection of your family, your children and anyone close to you that the offender may attempt to harm. In cases where you are being stalked or harassed, you would file a stalking protective order.

In addition, there are different provisions of a protective order that will outline what the offender is prohibited or permitted to do. Types of provisions include:

  • No-contact provision
  • Peaceful contact provision
  • Stay-away provision
  • Move-out provision
  • Firearms provision
  • Counseling provision

If the offender is the parent of your child, you will want to consult with an attorney to discuss the process of filing for child custody.

For additional information and to determine which order and provisions would be beneficial for you, consult with a lawyer.

How Do I File For A Protective Order?

If you need a protective order, you will need to visit your magistrate court. Once you have filed the initial paperwork, generally you will receive immediate relief for up to 10 days. Additionally, you will be provided a date for your hearing. At the hearing, you will face the perpetrator and you will need to provide evidence as to why you need protection.

The emotional toll that comes with this type of case can be too much to handle on your own. Allow an attorney to handle some of the stress by filing the paperwork and preparing for your hearing on your behalf.

What If My Offender Does Not Follow The Protective Order?

If an offender violates a protective order, they can be charged with aggravated stalking and sentenced to jail time.

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