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Criminal defense: Georgia restaurant owner arrested twice

A Georgia restaurateur was recently arrested for the second time. Following an arrest in 2018, the owner of a popular taco restaurant was taken back into police custody on related allegations. Although it is not clear what criminal defense plans he may have been working on in the intervening period of time between his arrests, he is currently out of police custody on $8,500 bond.

Rapper Lil' Boosie facing criminal charges in Georgia

A recent traffic stop led Georgia police to arrest an out-of-state rapper and one other man on multiple charges. Torrence Hatch Jr. performs under the name Lil' Boosie and is facing a number of criminal charges, including counts for failing to maintain his lane, marijuana possession and possession of a firearm during a crime. His passenger was also arrested.

Criminal defense: UGA football players arrested

Facing criminal charges as a young adult can be particularly difficult. Not only can a criminal record affect a person's employment opportunities, but many people are surprised to find that their personal lives are also impacted simply by the charges, even without a conviction. For two football players at the University of Georgia, their ability to continue playing at the university could be affected. Mounting a strong and meaningful criminal defense can be essential to minimizing the potential future consequences of a criminal charge.

Criminal defense: Refusal to test can't be used as evidence

When police officers pull over a driver suspected of being under the influence, they generally ask that individual to submit to some kind of blood-alcohol content testing. Most people in Georgia are probably familiar with the Breathalyzer test, which is commonly used during roadside testing. But what happens to those who refuse to submit to Breathalyzer testing? According to Georgia's Supreme Court, refusing a test cannot be used as evidence, which may be important for some people's criminal defense planning.

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